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Stream going Live!
Come hang with us and chill. <3 our lurkers
Good Morning everyone! It's time to get shit done!
I'm LIVE on Twitch
Stream is back LIVE!
Sketch Requests @ 2k followers!
Focus Work stream today. Come chill and use me as your background tunes. No Mic
Open for a few quick sketches to cover some end of month things
Email if interested

Sketch: $30
Flats: $50

Limited slots
Stream is going live!
Speedpaints, Commissions, and Free Art if we reach 2K followers!
Come say Hi! :D
Working on some commission paintings, feel free to come say hi and or just lurk :)

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BlindCoyote Art Zine! Order Today! by BlindCoyote
Hey guys so i am in need of a bit of help, I got approved for my bronycon table but need some help covering the costs for the table.
The booth is costing me $385. My full illustrations are $500.
To make it more appropriate Pony commissions are very much more appreciated. Anthro and fantasy commissions are also ok.
If interested in helping me out please email me at
Thanks for all the support and hope to see a bunch of you at the con!
Final Stand by BlindCoyoteDevil's Pass by BlindCoyoteEverfree Forest by BlindCoyote
Commission Price Guide by BlindCoyote
Stream going live! Come chill and chat.
Playing some Ori and the Blind Forest
Stream is going live.
Been a while since I've done any pony arts
Painting some small horses. come join us :)
Stream going live! Doing some face studies for a few hours and then some commission work.
Opening up for some character paintings to help cover rent and bills.

Speedpaint: $50/hr  
Portrait: $75
Bust: $150
Hips-up: $225
Full character: $300
Scene: $500

Payment plans available for quotes $200+
These are Estimates and price may vary.
Full price guide:

Email if interested or just for a quote
Starting up stream. More emotes and stuff
Come keep me company :)
Stream is starting up! Come chill with us
Animal art and stuff
Stream is starting up! Working on some emotes and other commissions today. Think I finally broke this cold!
Hey guys, I'm opening up for some commissions to help cover costs for my Vendor booth at Trotcon and Bronycon. 
Trotcon: $150
Bronycon: $350
Total: $500

If you would like to help me cover the cost shoot me an email

Commission Price Guide by BlindCoyote
Starting to use Instagram more so might as well share it with all you.
Check it out over here and drop a follow………